About Us - Biopixel Research

Biopixel Research’s vision is to facilitate and undertake research that can be applied to the conservation of our oceans.

Established in 2016 by IT entrepreneur Bevan Slattery and marine biologist Richard Fitzpatrick, our mission is to:

  1. Partner with academic institutions in support of new and innovative research into the marine environment;
  2. Tackle the gaps in existing science and management of megafauna
  3. Publish and disseminate our research findings to enable greater understanding of our marine environment;
  4. Increase environmental awareness, education and influence conservation decisions
  5. Foster the next generation of ocean ambassadors

We are funded via contributions from our founder and patron, Bevan Slattery, in addition to donations from our partners who share a passion for our vision.




7.8m catamaran with twin 150hp engines and six-person capacity, the Paddy Larkin can access the outer reef and is used for day-long research and filming.




We have access to a 27m (88ft) alloy charter vessel with a speed of 10 knots and a range of 2900 nm. Equipped for long range extended charters for up to 21 people.

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Explore and experience all the ocean has to offer while we conduct our scientific research.

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